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Weatherguard Storage Systems

Heavy Hauler Trailers and Truck Equipment is your source for Custom made landscape, Dump, Equipment, and Car Trailers. Also in stock a large selection of CargoMate and American Hauler Enclosed Cargo Trailers. All the Accessories you need to get your vehicle fit to pull your new Trailer with hitches from Drawtite.

Ranger Shelving

Are those loose tools clattering around in the floor of your trailer? Are you looking for a more secure way to transport your gear to the work site, or any destination? Get the trailer equipment you need that's just the right size, secure and attractive with an extensive selection of Ranger van and trailer interior storage systems!

Heavy Hauler Truck Equipment

When you purchase a Weather Guard package, an ARE truck cap, or any of the many other products we sell, you will get a professional installation and dedicated customer service with exceptional product support.


With 45,000 square feet of buildings and 10 acres product storage area we have the ability and the inventory to provide you with the product and service you need or can custom manufacture it if it does not exist.